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Cat Insurance. Why Buy Cat Insurance?

How to buy cat insurance
Buy Cat Insurance

You probably have some kind of health insurance plan for your family so why not have a health insurance plan for your cat. That is essentially what cat insurance is.

Cats develop health problems just like humans do. If you have an older cat or one that was very expensive to buy or one that is of a breed that is known to have certain medical problems then cat insurance becomes even more important.

Based on your own budget and needs you can purchase exactly what range of coverage you are going to need.

You purchase cat insurance to protect you in the event of a financial loss not to make a profit. The most basic and affordable type of pet insurance coverage is for accidents. Your cat insurance policy should be as comprehensive as possible and cover as many risks as you can afford.

Unfortunately, many cat owners will overlook obtaining cat insurance until it is too late. Compared to a car or home insurance - premiums and deductibles for cats are quite low - typically in the $10 to $40 per month range depending on the coverage obtained.

Check out your local veterinarians to see if they have some kind of a wellness program which is more of a discount on routine treatment than true insurance.In an effort to get you to come in for all routine preventative procedures, and to use the same veterinarian, a vets office may offer a 6 or 12-month wellness program, which in effect is a percentage discount for the vaccines and routine check-ups you would have for your pet, anyway.

Like any other insurance policy you buy do not forget to analyze the pros and cons of the cat insurance policy you are interested in. Coverage such as the death of a cat and the costs of replacement, stolen or lost and costs associated with a hospital stay and third party liability can also be included in the policy.

Caring for your cat becomes easier with cat insurance policy. The cats' age is important while applying for the cat insurance policy. A proper pet insurance policy ensures that all the worries of a perfect care are provided under any circumstance irrespective of your financial condition.

The best type of policy is a policy which will cover a medical condition for life, not just for one year. If you want to avoid the major expense, cat insurance should be taken out when you first acquire your pet, rather than wait until a problem occurs, as it will be too late to take out a policy to cover that particular problem.

There are often exclusions for older pets, or for pre-existing conditions, as well as conditions that are hereditary or breed-related problems.

If you are new to owning a cat, you may be surprised to find that health problems are a common thing. Cats who have problems gaining weight, problems with fleas, or if you find white specks in his stool, you should have your vet test him for worms. Blockages are very serious problems and can be life-threatening if they are not treated.

Although some health problems cannot be avoided, most of them can. You can also keep your cat indoors as well, which will protect him from a majority of health problems. A good diet means less health problems, less trips to the vet and lower veterinary bills.

Cat insurance is an essential part of reducing some of the high cost of veterinary bills. It has been estimated that almost 50% of cats owned by pet lovers require costly medical treatment, and therefore, getting a good policy for cat insurance is a must for you if you own a cat. The right cat insurance is easy to obtain, provided that you do some preliminary research of the insurance market, to see what options you have available in your area or in your country.

Authors: Judy & Stuart Jantzen have owned cats for the past 25 years.

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