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Understanding Our Cat Friends.

Lets encounter it, the biggest issue that we humans need to overcome before we are able to understand our pet cats behaviour, is the perception that we are the excellent species.

Cat enthusiasts all over the world have experienced that withering look of superiority and carelessness that accompany our best efforts to amuse, show affection, give food to or in anyhow communicate with them. So when they do acknowledge all of us, it is often strictly on the terms. But when they are doing respond, the joy this kind of furry little beast brings knows simply no bounds.

And so, below is perhaps futile try to infiltrate the felines psyche and to permeate into the cats globe. While stumbling all over the world of this most illusive of creatures, it might become clear that people humans belong to a somewhat lower purchase (well, I am sure which how my cats and kittens feel anyway! ).

In what, at times, will probably be an ever-so tongue-in-cheek article, we covers some familiar methods to understand your kittens and cats behaviour. But please be aware that while trying to maintain this information on the mild side, it has, non-e the less, a far more serious purpose. That is certainly to give us the abilities to truly understand the cats behaviour.

For certain, we must put in the work to understand them since, by and large, cats will be totally indifferent to trying to understand all of us!


Generally an indicator of contentment yet cats will also purr if ill or perhaps distressed in some way. More regularly though, this is the behavior of a happy kitty. A mother will certainly reassure her cats by purring and kittens will react likewise. Cats will even purr at the recognized threat of an additional cat to show that they can pose no danger to them.

Researchers are still uncertain regarding the mechanics from the purr. There are a few theories as to what sort of cat produces requirements, but without getting almost all technical, it is most likely safe to say that both are right, or perhaps wrong, but then again, so what?! (Unless you're a scientist of course. )

Some cats might seem not to purr. Nevertheless , it could be that a particular kitties purr resonates past our hearing selection. Because of the difficulty learning this particular cat conduct, no one can be sure so why some cats appear not to purr.


A whole stand alone section could be written about this aspect of cat actions and when coupled with a various expressions and body postures a number of moods can be communicated.

Cats mainly exchange their views through body language and scent. But the exasperated moggy soon discovers that humans cannot pickup this delicate art and therefore places to a much cruder form of language, only for us.

Short meow - greeting with affection - "hi, by the way, any meals? "

Multiple meows - attention grabber/excitement - "Hello!, Now i'm so glad if you're here. Now, how about that food? inch

Low grumbling meow - complaining -- "I don't imply to push you however, many food would be good. "

Loud, curved, long mewing -- "no, really spend some attention, I want feeding, NOW! inches

Eating purr -- content -"thank you so much, you required your time but better late than never"

Growl - complaint/annoyance - " appear I've just been fed and want to get to sleep. GO AWAY! "

Shouting - Often heard prior to fighting or matching. (only if meals not ready)

Yet more seriously, vocalisation could also be sign of distress or pain.

Sharp, high frequency meows could be and indication of discomfort especially if followed by growls or rumbles. Become familiar with your cat, in case your cats behaviour appears out of personality seek professional recommend from your vet. Keep in mind if in doubt, inquire.


Typical content cat behaviour! A kitten will foot its mother once content and/or to encourage the circulation of milk.

Rubbing/Head butting

Going up upon hind legs and massaging against you is actually a sign of greetings and deep devotion (and also cabinet love when meals is in the offering! ). Also a way of declaring you. With fragrance glands along the end, lips, either part of the head, chin, tail base, feet etc . the feline will "scent" you by rubbing and head butting, additionally, it does this to pick up the scent.

Happy handmade

Tail erect suggestion bent forward, occasionally the tail can quiver with enjoyment. Eyes often fifty percent closed and flashing slowly. Try mimicking this eye actions, this often gets a very positive response!

Tail swish

Do not need elaborate on this facet of cat behaviour. Simply watch out!

Tail and fur fluff/ ear flat

Very, extremely annoyed. Trying to frighten by making themselves seem as big as possible. Better to leave well only!


Hay perhaps you should! Sometime we human beings just have to be put within our place. This frequently happens when petting. You observe, what we fail to understand is that in kitten world the submissive, obedient, compliant, acquiescent, docile beast will often develop the superior. all of us stroke the pet cat, get it! So when ever his lordship/her ladyship has had enough a nip or wristband will soon show whoms in charge.

But a nip can also be an indication of much affection generally accompanied by licking. This shows acceptance of you as the same (well maybe! )

Gift giving

There are a variety of theories relating to this aspect of a pet cats behaviour. Probably a mix of these apply. Mainly it seems to be one more token of passion tinged with matter that you are totally not able to hunt and provide by yourself!

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