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Methods for Giving a Cat Medicine


Methods for giving a cat medicine, like a cat owner, a trip to the vets is stressful plenty of for both you and kitty and when you hear the words 'just give them this medicine' the entire day just got worse. Giving cats' medicine can be a battle yet sometimes is necessary for their health and wellness. So what is the expert here are some tips to assure make the process easier?

Supplements and powders

The easiest way to provide a cat medication is to use an industrial treat designed specifically for the task. Cats are good at locating a pill hidden in their meals but these treats are gross so that taking it aside is almost impossible. They are smooth in texture so can also be molded around the pill to cover its presence. This is much easier than physically administering a pill for both you and for your cat.

If you can't discover these treats, then developing their food into small meatballs with the pill interior is an idea. Give them a few meatballs of food with no pill so they consume them automatically then slide in the one with the medicine inside.

If you have to give the feline the medication without foodstuff then it will likely to essential to restrain the cat to safeguard you both. Wrap their hip and legs and body in a bath towel then place one thumb and finger on the possible side of the face previously mentioned and behind their whiskers. Put gentle pressure around the space between the teeth, therefore, the mouth opens then put in the pill at the back of the tongue. Close the mouth and stroke the throat gently to cause a swallow reflex and even blow gently in their encounter, which stimulates the same response. Follow it up with at least 5ml of water from a dropper or syringe to assist the pill to enter the stomach. In the event, the cat licks its nasal area then you know it has ingested the pill successfully.


Liquefied medicines including water alternatives and electrolytes can be provided to the cat into the quarter pouch between the molars as well as the cheek. Most bottles may have their own dropper but normally a plastic syringe or perhaps eyedropper can be used. Normally, around 15ml of medicine is actually a single dose. To administer, point the cat's head up-wards once they are secured because above. Put the end from the dropper into the cheek sack and inject the water. The cat will instantly swallow and take the medication.


Various medicines or perhaps treatments need an injection and also scenarios such as anaphylactic surprise. Vets will show you how to provide an injection to your cat if you want to but the best places to get this done are either under the pores and skin (subcutaneous) or into the muscle mass (intramuscular). One spot that may be quite simple to master is into the skin just below the back as this can be gathered in a single hand and the injection dispenses with the other. But your veterinarian will always provide you with all the information with this type of medication of treatment.

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