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Teaching Your Cat to Be Good to Your House


Teaching your cat to be good to your house. Is your kitty taking over the house? Climbing drapes, chewing cords, knocking within the trash and jumping around the counters? Well you don't have to endure it! Even though it may seem the cat cannot be trained, some patience and persistence will help you get a feline housemate that may be well behaved and a pleasure to live with.

Drapes might be a way to dress up your home windows to you, but to your feline they are a fun thing to climb up on and eliminate with their claws. You want to dissuade this behavior and a good way to do that is to use tension fishing rods. When your cat tries to ascend up on the curtain that is certainly attached with a tension pole, the whole thing will come tumbling straight down and make a clatter that will scare him. This may be a bit inconvenient for some time, but your cat will soon find out that climbing on the drapes is not fun and will prevent them altogether. You can do this temporarily till your cat gets the touch and then go back to your typical curtain rods.

Another thing is the fact you can simply use vertical window blinds in your windows. Your kitten won't want to rise them and he will have the ability to move a slat within the blind and view the outdoors world with out tearing over the whole thing.

If your cat is usually chewing up things throughout the house try putting a distasteful material on them. Cayenne pepper, biter apple, orange, nail polish fruit peels, lemon peels and sprays specifically purchased for this specific purpose in the pet store may all do the trick. Naturally, you want to test the item 1st to make sure whatever you will be putting on it won't get destroyed.

If your cat is a rubbish digger, the best solution is always to just not make it accessible to him. Store the garbage within a cabinet or in the garage area. If you have to have the garbage away then make sure there is a limited lid and avoid swing best lids. A good garbage suitable container would be one that you have to lift up off the top or one which you have to use your feet to open. If your cat is definitely tipping the garbage can more than put something heavy plenty of so that they are unable to tip it out

Cats hate loud sounds and surprises and to decrease him from jumping for the counter you can leave a few items up there that will assist a loud noise if he jumps up. Try placing empty aluminum cans in the edge with pennies in them or lay items on the counter or covers it in foil newspaper.

Carpet shredding is a preferred past time of my pet cat. To try to get her to stop, I personally use one of those cardboard cat scratchers. Whenever I catch her scratching the rug, We yell and then go over towards the scratcher and scratch this myself. She comes best over and uses it rather than the rug. A couple of times she has operate right over to it and i also do notice her utilizing it more often so hopefully she actually is getting the hint. You can try this kind of with any type of scratcher the cat prefers, just make sure putting one handy in the room the girl likes to scratch up.

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