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Tips on How to Introduce New Kittens


Tips on how to introduce new kittens, when it comes to introducing kittens to other kittens, the process is normally less complicated than introducing to an older cat. Kittens have no sense of area and possessiveness found in more mature cats and are happier for making new friends. But there are several tips to bear in mind.


The first thing is to bring both cats into the house but bear them separately. You need to allow them to realize the other exists as well as the best way to do this is with properly smell. If they are in neighbor rooms, they will soon reek each other and hear the other's vocalizations. They may also sneak a paw beneath the door to the other. Replacing items between rooms is a sure way to let them know one another exists and for the aroma to become a normal part of a lifestyle.

When they first meet the other person, supervision is important. Cats usually are automatically aggressive towards a newcomer but kittens may possibly still feel the adult need to make themselves big and impressive or defend all their territory or pack (you). A few hisses and a great arched back or two is not a big problem and some of this could possibly be playful, so just retain watch.

Time apart

Be sure that kittens each have their own space and belongings to avoid arguments more than food or beds. Place their food and normal water bowls at different ends of the room or even in several rooms. Provide each with an identical bed and allow those to choose their own, doing precisely the same with the litter box. Make sure you will discover two of every toy in order that there is no serious fighting above any one item.

Growing up

Once they are used to each other, you may leave to get on with it, merely keeping an eye or perhaps ear open that the take up doesn't turn nasty. Ensure you pay equal attention to the kittens to avoid jealousy and to any other animals in the home. Try to play with both jointly but also spend time with every single on their own and have a hug with them each. It will help avoid them seeing each other since competition for your affections.

Observing their body language is another crucial part of watching out for challenges. Cats show their angriness or fear in their gestures and these signs really should not be present when they are simply participating in. For example, when a kitten is definitely afraid of something, their head will flatten against the brain and they may gaze straight down from the threat. If they cannot run, they may stand or perhaps crouch low in preparation of defending themselves. Angry appears similar with a rigid pose, flattened ears and sometimes the fur erected along the backside. They may spit or fizzle wheeze whistle snuffle but other times make zero sound at all, standing firmly or crouching low and menacingly.

A happy cat is known as a relaxed one with eardrums pointed forward or to a sound. Paws can be tucked under them in the event sitting down or out to the medial side. Whiskers are relaxed plus the tail may have a small curl at the top. This means they can be comfortable in their surroundings, nor feel threatened by the various another kitten.

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